When you go to different states, you encounter different things and different names that may not mean what you think they do.
Here are 5 items that are iconic to the Cowboy State that people in New York tried to explain. We think you'll find this quite entertaining as they come nowhere near what they really are.
  1. Vedauwoo - Well known for it's rock climbers, recreation and campgrounds in Southeast Wyoming. They thought that Vedauwoo was some kind of hippie festival, where people raise their hands and start shouting, "Wooo Wooo."
  2. Lane Frost - This was the famous bull rider that lost his life in the Cheyenne Frontier Days arena back in 1989. The New Yorkers thought Lane Frost is a personal injury attorney on all the billboards across Wyoming. They also thought he might have been a famous author who wrote about the history of Wyoming. Wrong!
  3. Pokes - They thought that the University of Wyoming's sport teams name was for the cops in the state. They also mispronounced it as "pokies." Pokes is short for cowpokes or cowboys.
  4. 307 - They thought that the area code for the whole state of Wyoming was the number of people living in the state. In their answer, there's only 307 people living in Wyoming because the state is "covered in forestry."
  5. Steamboat - They thought the horse and rider emblem of Wyoming was a sled of some kind.
  6. Watch the video to see the rest!


See another hilarious video:

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