On Feb. 1, 1976, Elvis Presley had two Colorado policemen at Graceland, his Memphis home. He told them of The Colorado Mine Company, a restaurant in Denver, that served a hollowed out buttered loaf, filled with peanut butter, jam and a pound of fried bacon.

This “Sammy” was created to feed eight, but “The King” was happy to tackle one all by himself.

When one of the policemen proved curious, Elvis insisted they travel the thousand mile journey to try one.

Via Presley’s stretch Mercedes the three went to the Memphis airport, where they boarded the Lisa Marie, Elvis’ private jet.

“Two hours later, they landed in Denver, where 22 of the $35 'Fool's Gold' sandwiches on silver platters, plus a bucket of Perrier water and a case of champagne, were brought to a private hangar at the airport by the restaurateur, his wife and a waiter.”

It cost a few grand, but when you're the king, you spare no expense.

Oh, the excess of success. It’s a killer.

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