240 years ago, on June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress issued a resolution officially declaring the stars and stripes design as the official flag of the United States.

As we celebrate Flag Day, here's a salute to another majestic red, white and blue symbol that we take pride in, the Wyoming state flag.

In 1916, the Wyoming chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution staged a contest inviting the public to design a flag that would represent the Cowboy State.

The winning entry came from Verna Keays, an art student who placed the silhouette of a bison emblazoned with the offical state seal and set over a blue background to represent the mountains, a white stripe in honor of purity, and a red border to commemorate the Native American tribes and pioneers who settled the land.

There are several online lists that rank state flags based on a variety of factors; most of whom have Wyoming near the top. Ranker places our state flag 11th, Thrillist ranked our flag in 6th place, and Wyoming finished 3rd in a recent Mapquest survey.

Admittably, we're a little biased, but we think it's one of the best state flags in the country.

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