Lazy Mom’s Day is the first Friday in September. Nationaldaycalender claims the majority take the day as a holiday from laundry, dishes, etc…Wyoming Moms often work hard if they stay at home. On "Lazy Mom Day," we ask if moms can ever truly get a "Lazy Day" off?

That seems simple, doesn’t it? Here’s what many Moms are really thinking: “Sure, like I'll ever fully get a day off from being a Mom.”

Well, maybe she can shoot for at least a partial “day off” and tell the rest of the family that she expects a little help.

Yesterday, a Wyoming co-worker/Mom, told me a little story. Years ago, she said that she was exhausted and felt her husband didn’t appreciate how much she did everyday for him and the kids. One Friday she informed Dad that she was taking the weekend off. She was going, by herself, to take a break in Saratoga. “You got the kids this whole weekend,” she told him.

Of course, she had to prep for that. She grocery shopped ahead of time and made sure the family had everything they needed. She also fully expected that when she got back there would be a real mess to clean up. For two whole days, though, she enjoyed free "me time."

What happened when she returned, however, was a shock - meaning a good shock. Hubby sincerely expressed that he was sorry he didn’t realize all she did on a regular basis until he had to do it all himself for one weekend. Finally, he told her how much he did appreciate her.

This Mom said that was all she wanted to hear, and got up Monday all rested. She then, of course, started cleaning up the mess.

Good luck Wyoming moms.

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