This isn't totally shocking. We all remember last Spring when AMC temporarily shut down all their theaters due to the Covid:19 Pandemic. Well, if you Google the Cheyenne movie theater, you'll not only see it sends you to the competitor Wyomovie website, if you search long enough, you'll see in red letters, next to the theater, "Permanently Closed".

I discovered this by accident, over the weekend I wanted to compare the movie times between Capitol Cinema 16, or the AMC theater in the Frontier Mall for the new Cruella film. To my genuine surprise, I saw the "Permanently Closed" note. Also, you'll want to watch Cruella, you can take the kids, but they absolutely made this for the adults. It has some Joker vibes.

If you're still looking at those letters in red and want to see what they have to say about it closing, or why, it won't help you much. You can go ahead and click it if you want, but all you'll get is an even more discerning note from AMC's website. "AMC Classic Frontier 9 Has Permanently Closed". They do say in much smaller letters "We Hope To See You At Another AMC Theater". Thanks, guys. I'll just jump in my car and head to Fort Collins. Not.

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At least AMC's stock is a meme stock now, so we have that going for us. This is purely speculation, but, what are you going to do with that area now? I mean, they're going to put a new theater in, right? We're not a one theater town, let's fill it with the next man up. In the meantime, I'll see you in Club 21 at Capitol Cinema 16.


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