You've heard of a jelly roll, dinner roll, cinnamon roll, how about a bear roll?

In the world of wildlife survival you've heard the saying "only the strong will survive", sometimes it's "only the lucky will survive, when the strong is a little too clumsy".

That seems to be the case in a video recently posted by Nature Footage on YouTube. In the footage, a young grizzly bear has an injured young bull elk right where it wants him. Cornered and in a position where the elk can't escape.

Can you imagine what's running through the bears head...

Finally, dinner is served and I'm eating really good for the next couple days. This elk is going to taste fantastic. I can't wait to invite my buddies over for a rare elk steak dinner.

You can tell from the bears thoughts that it was really excited. Thoughts were running together and the nerves were kicking in. We get it, anytime you're hunting and have the chance at a nice meat filled animal, you get nervous and excited. Sometimes we miss our shot and kick ourselves.

If you've ever set a goal for yourself, the rule of thumb is to 'keep trying and you'll eventually accomplish what you've set out to do'. When you take your eye off the prize, you'll more than likely miss your shot.

That's exactly what happened in this scenario...the young bear has the elk right where he wants him and takes his shot. The problem lies when he thinks the elk is just going to stand there and get eaten. The bear is running downhill and looses grasp of the elk and does a bear roll, but the bear roll is just enough for the elk to get away.

The quickness of the bear is crazy and there's a 98% chance he's eating elk if the bear roll didn't happen.

The elk lives to tell his friends about the time he almost got eaten by a bear.

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