In addition to vehicle, gas, oil, insurance and maintenance, there is a financial chill factor to consider for your commute.

A recent report states every 20 minutes of your drive to work is like a 19 percent pay cut. That means that your $55,000 salary feels like $44,550.

American workers spend an average of 50 minutes on the road, commuting.

In Natrona County, the average time spent going to and from work is 18.1 minutes, in Laramie County, 15.4 minutes. In Cheyenne, The last few years have shown an increase in commuters between Colorado and Wyoming. A Cheyenne to Fort Collins commute is about 46.3 miles, or 45 minutes.

Now, in addition to actual costs, you can subtract the “Wind chill” or “Financial Feel” factor from your salary.

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