We know we don't pay as much as other states. I think that's pretty obvious with us not having to fork over cash to the state like some have to. So, we can safely assume that we pocket more than most.

While that's true, it's still interesting to see how much we pay in each year. And at this point, do we miss the money that we would pay into the state if we had state taxes? I'm sure you got red-faced and yelled at me in caps for that saying "YES WE CARE". That's ok, I was getting to a point. I know we care about 5 grand or so a year. That's a lot of money! What I'm getting at, I think in other states, it's so normal to lose that money, you don't even think about it. I've lived in those states, it's nice to not pay that.

Here is the quick math this guy did on what we're paying in Wyoming.

Now that we know how much we're paying in. Let us feel better about ourselves by seeing how much our noisy neighbors to the south pay in with both Federal and State taxes.


So, Colorado is paying out just under $4,400 in state taxes, compared to $0 in Wyoming. They also pay taxes at a rate of 26.8% compared to Wyoming's 22.4%. That's wild. Not only is it really expensive to live there, but they also have to pay Colorado an income tax just to live there.

I'll stay in Wyoming, thank you.

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