In 2019, it seemed that several fast food restaurant chains were competing to see who had the best chicken sandwich. But at this point in 2020, it's looking like 'donut wars' are the big craze.

On the heels of KFC announcing their new 'Chicken & Donuts' promotion, several companies announced new innovative donuts that are in the works. For instance, Krispy Kreme announced their new Butterfinger Donuts. Klondike announced that they're releasing Ice Cream Donuts.

Several donut franchises even announced that for National Margarita Day, they had Margarita Donuts. Although some don't have tequila in them, which is kind of lame.

Lately, this has been the big craze. Is this about to be the new 'chicken sandwich wars' like we saw last year with Chick-fil-a, Popeye's, McDonald's, and others?

Maybe it's a little too early to tell since we're only approaching the end of February. If Krispy Kreme starts running out of donuts, much like Popeye's running out of chicken for their chicken sandwiches last year, then we know there's a donut war crisis on our hands.

Regardless, let's take it all in, whether it's donut wars or chicken wars, or 'Chicken & Donuts' for that matter, as long as there remains plenty to go around, I'm sure we'll all be happy.

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