Noooooo, you have to be joking. This may be the most absurd thing I've read in quite some time. When I think of Wyoming, I would not think of the average Wyomingite to get THIS tattooed on them. The website Zippia used Google Trends to figure out what each state is tattooing on themselves. While I agree with the science going into this, "ahem" study, I really want to see a picture of this in the real world.

Wyoming is a very tattooed state, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were some eyebrow raising tattoos across the state, but I'm absolutely blown away by what this website came up with. Just looking outside of our state, you'll see some funny ones.

Colorado is apparently an Aztec Tattoo, Montana is getting a gun, Nebraska wants a finger tattoo(not sure if it's a tattoo of a finger or a fun moustache tatted on their finger) and Idaho is getting a Boise tattoo.

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Ok, enough dancing around this topic. What is Wyoming getting tattoos of now? It's not Cowboy Joe, not 307 or anything that would make sense. We're apparently getting Coronavirus Tattoos.

Yup, that's what I said, too. This state HATES everything and anything to do with Covid-19 across the board, so you can imagine my surprise when I read that. I mean, is it a bottle of Corona and a cheeky reference to the virus? Is it Tee-Shirt material? I have to find this. It's going to drive me crazy. Just imagine someone with "Coronavirus" tatted across their chest? Welcome to 2021.

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