Our office can be an adventure in cleanliness for sure!  We even have a cleaning service, yet... sometimes all I can do is shake my head!!!

Governor Matt Mead, State Senators and Civic Leaders, Business Executives, Clients, Children's Tours all come through the stations doors and walk through our hallways from time to time.  Often inquiring if the cleaning service is on vacation?  How embarrassing!!!

I'd love to say it's all the "Guys" needing supervision, but it's not just the guys.

I too have my moments and my desk is a mess, but that's my personal work space.  Besides some say a messy desk is a sign of genius, but I laugh every time I hear that quote!

So why is it so hard for some folks, especially in a shared office space, find it so difficult to locate the trash can (or the recycling bins)?  Please, don't even get me started on the shared refrigerator!!! This can get SO Nasty!!!  (Yes, if you look at the photos, someone left an open can of diet Pepsi on a shelf and we don't know how long it's been in there. Seriously!)

I swear some mornings I walk in to the company break area and wonder - why I wasn't invited to the party?  Or at least, it looks like there was a party judging by the mess that remains to be cleaned up.

Does your office share a restroom at work?  Ours looks like someone actually LIVES there and I'm not exactly sure that they don't??

Once upon a time I worked in an office that had a funny sign posted in the break room - "Your Mother Doesn't Work Here - Clean Up After Yourself".  Which got the point across and got a good laugh.  But oddly enough, that was probably the cleanest break room of any place I've had the pleasure of working.

But sometimes I just have to wonder if some of our co-workers live in squalor conditions.

What about you?  Is your office neat and tidy?  Or gross and nasty?  Or does it fall somewhere in the middle?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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