It was below zero in Wyoming this morning, but at least there was no ice. And if there was ice, we'd have the tools to handle it. We didn't have a day like this driver in Longview, Texas.

It just happens that I know that town - Longview. In this Facebook video, thanks to KTBS-TV (which I grew up watching), the woman's voice had a twang I know well. I was born and raised there and I can tell you we always wanted snow. Usually all we got was ice, about once a winter. The streets were sheets of slippery. When Texas gets a "winter (ice) storm," it can be a special case of do-not-go-out-there. It's either stay off the rink, or something more like the opposite, "Hold my beer and watch this."

Seriously, it can be really horrifying when you have no control at all. This captures that.