You could not pay me to eat a green banana... Yuck!

Heaven bless the world we live in with social media. It's allowed us to learn a thing or two about one another, albeit not all has been good. I enjoy finding other people who watched the same cartoons and ate the same snacks as I did as a kid. I also love connecting with people who have the same hopes and dreams for their lives as I do. All in all, there is a lot of good coming out of social media.

Recently as I was scrolling through, I saw a random post in which someone was peeling a banana for a protein shake (I follow quite a bit of healthy and wellness content). This banana however, was way too green to be used in a smoothie or to be consumed in general. It looked like it was actually still a part of the tree, it was so green. And yet, this girl was not only slicing it for the blender, she was popping some pieces into her mouth.

This got me thinking, does everyone eat bananas at this stage?

Obviously, there are more important things to ponder on, but since it's 2020 and we're all looking for an escape, I happily wondered down this rabbit hole. See, I like a banana in the "speckly phase", like on the far left of the photo above. To me this is when the banana is soft and sweet and the perfect snack. I actually won't eat a banana until it has reached this phase of ripeness. Call me picky, but I'd rather enjoy my food than just shove it down my throat. And now, I'm curious about your desired ripeness.

At what stage do you prefer to eat a banana?

  • Green... like it just came off the tree
  • Mostly yellow with a little green
  • Yellow without any green or brown specks
  • Speckled like beautiful freckles
  • Browning with a few streaks of yellow
  • Brown... and preferably baked in banana bread

I'll admit, that last option of "baked in banana bread" sounds pretty good.

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