A total of five birds from three Wyoming counties have tested positive for a highly contagious avian influenza.

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The birds tested included two great horned owls from Park County and three Canadian geese, one of which was from Bighorn Country and the other two from Fremont County.

The Wyoming State Veterinary identified the virus, which was further confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

How To Report Suspected Avian Infections

The Wyoming Game and Fish is asking the public to report any groups of dead birds to them to prevent the virus from spreading. Hank Edwards, the supervisor of the Wildlife Health Laboratory, stated:

“Game and Fish is relying on reports from the public to learn more about the distribution in our state — especially from hunters and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Anyone who finds clusters of three or more dead wild birds — waterfowl, grouse, turkeys and raptors — please contact your regional Game and Fish office.”

More About the HPAI Virus

HPAI is a zoonotic disease that can affect people, and wild birds can carry HPAI and not appear sick. However, infected birds might exhibit signs of neurological impairment and confusion. Physical symptoms of HPAI infection can include swelling of eyelids or the head, discoloration of legs, and sudden death with no apparent cause.

To report clusters of dead birds, members of the public can call their nearest Game and Fish Regional Office. For more info on HPAI and to track cases in wild birds, visit the Game and Fish website.

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