Everyone has bad hair days, but I feel like this Wyoming mom definitely wins a trophy for 'Worst Hair Day Ever.'

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We've all had our fair share of bad hair days, of course. I wake up with a cyclone of curls sticking up in all directions practically every morning (Have you seen Frozen? Yeah, it's like that scene when Anna wakes up on coronation day. Not pretty.)


But we're not talking about my bad hair days. We're talking about one Wyoming mom's snafu with a crockpot that resulted in flaming hair. Yes, you read that right, flaming hair. The video, found on the online video platform Rumble, captured the moment in its entirety. According to the video, the incident took place in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The video shows a toddler and poodle keeping an eye on mommy as she carries a crockpot from the kitchen to set it down in the living room. As the mom bends over, the toddler and pup watch keenly (the poodle no doubt hoping for snacks.)

The mom rises about six seconds into the video, and smoke is pouring from her messy bun - presumably from some contact with the crock pot's electrical wiring (that's just a guess, folks...) Literal smoke. A flickering flame is lit on her bun, but Mom isn't aware of it immediately. It's thanks to her son she was able to put out the fire so quickly. If you listen closely to the video, her son (named 'Judah,' according to the video info) says, "Hot mommy hair!"

The mom presses a hand to her hair and immediately catches on to the problem. Thankfully, with a shake of her head and a run to the bathroom, she returned to the living room with the fire out and only a little smoke coming off her hair.

Wherever you are, Cheyenne Mom, know that I'm wishing you a million 'Good Hair Days' - you deserve them after that. Also, I love your lineup of stockings and Christmas trees (they are super cute.)

Check out the video below:

What To Do If Any Part of You is on Fire:

The Red Cross reminds folks to follow the sacred rule of fire safety: "Stop, drop, and roll." Then, assess for any burn damage and call an ambulance if needed. Cool any burns in water for five minutes, and give your family doctor a call for any medical assistance.

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