Barstool Sports learned that you don't come to Cheyenne for the hotel pools. You come to Cheyenne for Cheyenne Frontier Days, The Daddy Of Em All.

The Wonton Don and Eddie from Chicago experienced their first-ever rodeo. Before they could make it to Cheyenne they first had to stop and get some marijuana edibles and Jack in the Box in Colorado. Once in Cheyenne, they went out to explore all the sites and sounds. Their first day at CFD, they immediately filled their stomachs with bread and beans from the Chuckwagons.

Then Eddie learned that you have to have a cowboy hat, jeans, boots, and a long sleeve shirt to be apart of the rodeo. Eddie tried to get some CFD folks to help him with his attire but it didn't work so well. They also ventured into the petting zoo area or what Eddie liked to call it, "The Goat Pit."

All in all, it seems like the guys had a great time. They also covered some of the rodeos with interviews and commentary. That will be posted soon.

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