Memorial Day Weekend is known for being a weekend of outdoor activities. Enjoying the pre-summer weather. Enjoying an extra day off of work. And, one of the more popular Memorial Day Weekend activities, Camping. If you do manage to spend the night in the Great Outdoors, then you may find yourself "popping a squat" at some point over the weekend. If so, be careful. A few years back, a Canadian man was camping in Ontario and casually taking a "deuce," when a Black Bear attacked him and drug his smelly ass into the woods. Talk about scaring the crap out of you.

According to :

"Gord Shurvell, age 65, was staying with 63-year-old friend Daniel Alexander in a cabin near Dunbar Lake. He admits his first mistake was leaving the door to the stench-filled outhouse door open so he could “enjoy the view.”

The bear attacked the Winnipeg, Manitoba native while his pants were down at his ankles. Shurvell tried using his hands and kicking with his feet to fend off the animal. That proved useless as the bear grabbed hold of the man and began to drag him out of the outhouse towards the brush"

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