Let's face it, not every part of Christmas is holly and jolly all the time.

If you blink, you'll miss Christmas! That's how close we are to the big day. As anticipation builds, you may find yourself getting more annoyed. Although I love Christmas, I understand that it comes with... a lot. We are basically transported into this alternate universe for a month and while it can be bliss for some, it can be chaos for others.

And don't even get me started on the pressure to do it all.

Plus, when you think about it, we have been doing Christmas since before Thanksgiving. The music, the decorations, the commercials... It's everywhere. So which part are you already over? You've had your fill, you've enjoyed it, but now you're just done. Could it be the 60,000 different versions of Jingle Bells you've heard in the last hour? Maybe it's the massive decorations in your neighborhood, at the office, and every place of business you've set foot in? Or perhaps it's all of those treats that you just can't stay away from and with every bite you can feel your New Years resolutions die a little more.

Tell us what part of Christmas you're just done with below...

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