Remember those old school scuba divers from the late 1800's? It was basically medieval armor with a fish tank attached. Then someone in the boat above would have to manually pump air into the helmet using essentially a garden hose.

Wikipedia describes the Standard Diving Suit as

diving dress consists of a diving helmet made from copper and brass or bronze, an air hose from a surface-supplied manually operated pump or low pressure breathing air compressor, a waterproofed canvas suit, a diving knife, and weights to counteract buoyancy, generally on the chest, back and shoes. Later models were equipped with a diver's telephone for voice communications with the surface.

We sure have come a long way since then. Now divers use much lighter equipment and carry their own air supply. But, bears are much further behind humans when it comes to technological innovation. Take the following footage for example. Trending today online, a group of fisherman in Wisconsin came across a bear swimming in the middle of a lake. The bear was wearing what appears to be a giant plastic jar on its head. It looks almost like one of those giant jars a cheese puffs. Regardless, the jar was stuck on the bears head, and it resembled the old school standard diving suit. But, it is safe to say the bear wasn't planning on doing much sub-surface exploring. After a couple attempts the group of fisherman removed the jar and the bear made it's way safely back to shore.

See it for yourself

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