A great man — it might have been Georges Méliès, or possibly Edward D. Wood Jr., I honestly can’t remember at the moment — once said “Every movie starts with its poster.” So as we begin our celebration of the best of the 2010s, it seemed only right to create a collection of the era’s best movie posters.

Every movie, from the biggest blockbuster to the smallest indie, from Hollywood to every corner of the globe, has a poster. That means there were a lot of contenders when picking the best posters of the 2010s. The staff of ScreenCrush looked at hundreds of posters from 2010 to today. After an elaborate system of voting involving weighted ranks, secret ballots, and thumb wrestling, the following final collection of 50 outstanding pieces of film art was assembled.

There are several recent posters on here, including one for a movie that hasn’t even been released yet. As with our list of the best taglines of the decade, the quality of the film being hyped is immaterial; all that matters is the quality of the poster itself. So while you will see some classics below, you’ll also see a fair number of movies you hated — and maybe a couple you forgot even existed. But after reading through these picks, I have a feeling you’ll remember these posters for a long time.

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