A new bill before the state Legislature could see Wyoming on daylight saving time year-round.

Rep. Dan Laursen of Powell is proposing a bill that will do away with standard time, which is from November to March.

Laursen said he is proposing the bill, House Bill 49, to help Wyomingites be more productive and avoid exhaustion.

“I think it affects a lot of people and it’s just hard to get back on track,” Laursen said. “I think it affects the students in the schools, elderly people and I even had a gentleman call this morning who said it affects his dogs.”

Laursen said he brought a bill up last year to keep Wyoming on standard time, because the federal government will allow states to petition to stay on standard time

“It didn’t even make it to the floor,” Laursen said.

Laursen said his bill would have Wyoming change to the Central time zone and petition the Secretary of Transportation to stay on standard time all year.

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