46 years ago today, August 17th, 1969, the third and final day of the original Woodstock kicked off with JOE COCKER.  He played 11 songs and ended his set with the theme song of "The Wonder Years" . . . "With a Little Help from My Friends".

Billy Joel went to the three day event, telling "Entertainment Weekly", "I went to Woodstock, I didn't play there, but I went up on a motorcycle, which was a good move because the highway was just a parking lot.  I wanted to see [JimiHendrix and The Who.

"But after a day and a half with no real toilet facilities . . . what am I, a bear?  I have to go in the woods?  There was a lot of mud and people were smoking a lot of pot and taking a lot of acid . . .

"I didn't do anything back then.  I drank a beer or something.  The first day, I saw Santana.  Or was it Joe Cocker?  I was dirty and itchy and covered with poison ivy and I thought, 'Just get me out of here!  I've got to use a bathroom.'"