I recently started noticing a few single-frame comic strips on Facebook. Unlike eCards, these feature cartoons of my friends and family on Facebook. I noticed that these came from a free app called Bitstrips.

Bitstrips is a free app where you create your avatar and ones for people you might use often like your significant other. Once they're set, you can just have fun with it.

Several of pre-made comics to choose from, you can manuver your arms, eyes and more in each comic, add your own text and a lot more! You can even make comics, or bitstrips, that feature your friends who are also on Bitstrips. In fact, I was surprised how many of my friends were already on Bitstrips.

It's like playing with paper dolls and it's free online and there's an app for iPhone I have downloaded. I haven't tested the mobile version yet, but I'm sure one is both the same.


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