Exploring our family trees is fascinating. Everyone's family has stories and legends passed down through the generations. They all add to the unique tapestry that is each of our families. Like in my family, I love hearing the story about grandfather, in Lincoln, NE in the early 1940s. He loved playing basketball and would defy his parents and play ball with, and be friends with, kids in the neighborhood who were black.

On Facebook, we asked you to tell a cool story about a relative or ancestor of yours. And WOW! The folks in Wyoming have some super interesting family histories. Here are some of the highlights:

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From Doug: 

My great-great-grandmother had a boarding house (brothel) in Downtown Cheyenne

From Teri: 

My great Aunt was the first Indian woman doctor in the United States.

From Lisa:

My paternal grandfather was a bootlegger in central Missouri. When the Feds would raid his house, the children would hide the goods. Grandpa was finally caught when the Feds measured the outside and inside of the house and found the hidden hooch in a room whose entrance was disguised. He spent a year and a day in prison. Farming never earned him good money after those glory days of juicing Pettis County.

From Blake: 

My Great Grandfather came here from Italy he made the best wine during prohibition they used to come in and bust up his barrels. Having said that after they busted him he’d start all over lol.

From Sara: 

My great, great, great, great grandpa is Chief Red Cloud and my great great grandma is Princess Blue Water. Also- my dad knocked Ronnie Dunn over in Vegas by accident. Does that all count? 😂

Yes, it does Sara :)


 I have a great great great ( I don't know how many greats) grandma on my mom's side of the family that was in the trail of tears.

From Tendra:

My grandmother lost her first husband and daughter in a squall on Jackson lake in the 30s. Another couple and their child also died. The boat owner and my grandmother were the only ones to survive. It was big news in the Salt Lake paper.

From Kaylin:

My husband's great-great grandfather was no joke named, Doctor Benjamin Franklin Wilson. He was never a Doctor...He worked for a long time in a small town grocer, but his legal first name was Doctor. He passed away at an old age by getting hit by a passing car while biking into to town and coming home with a loaf of bread. RIP Doc Wilson

From Adam:

My Grandmother was in the the Queens Guard In WW2

From Ralyn:

Nick Wilson who rode in the pony express is my 4th great Uncle On my dad's side.

WOW! The people of Wyoming have fascinating backstories. It seems that the spirit of the old west lives on in our families. I almost can't wait to hear the tales that those that come after us will tell about us.

Like when Patrica said, "I'm a transplant, does that mean I will be the cool story ??"

Yes, that exactly what that means.

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