You could be making money right now... as you're scrolling.

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly browsing the internet. You click on a few links and before you know it, you're so far removed from anything you originally wanted when you first opened your browser. Been there, done that.

Well, what if you could get paid to do that?

It seems crazy that someone would pay you actual money to get lost online, but it's happening. Add this to the list of crazy dream jobs that we've found on the web. We've seen people get paid to camp in national parks, travel Italy and eat pasta, taste-test chocolate, etc.

Now Opera wants to pay you to be a Personal Browser.

Opera is a Norwegian tech company and the recently listed this opening. They're looking for someone to search the internet for two weeks and report their experiences. If you can complete the task, they'll pay you 8,000 euros... or about $9,400. The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys funny memes, cute animal videos, and conspiracy theories.

For those interested, you'll need to submit a video detailing any relevant experience exploring the internet. The video should be between 15-60 seconds. If hired, you will work that two-week shift this winter.

In a world where finances can be a major stressor, this is a great way to make money. It's easy! Plus, it's something you can do on top of your real job so you can supplement your income. And who knows, you could discover the next big internet sensation, viral video, or social media challenge.

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