With COVID 19 shutting down all concerts and festivals, we have REALLY been missing the live music vibe. We reflect on memories we made while at concerts and festivals, and realize how much we took them for granted. Then again, some of those concerts and festivals might be a little hazy for some people. Some people may have had a little too much fun, which brings us to the following story from pre-covid days.

I have found some strange things while out in the woods hunting. I have stumbled across comic books deep in the woods. I have found people hiking in snow with tennis shoes. I even witnessed a man in sandals and shorts hunt elk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. But, nothing like what this Georgia bowhunter found.

According to Field and Stream

Hunter Casey Sanders was almost to his treestand on October 2, when he heard someone yelling. He followed the screams to the bottom of a creek bed, where he saw a naked man holding a walking stick. Not knowing the nature of the situation, Sanders took out his phone and began recording their tense conversation.

What he captured is amazing: a conversation, at times tense, with a completely nude man desperately in need of help from a hunter who has no idea what to think.

The naked guy said he was attending the Tomorrow World festival, when he was jumped and stripped of his clothes. When he woke up, he was alone in the middle of the woods. He wandered the woods for days, before he discovered a creek and decided to follow it out. That is what led him to his interaction with Sanders.

According to Field and Stream

Sanders shared his food and water with him. “He asked me not to call the cops because he said he didn’t have insurance, and he knew they would take him to an ambulance or hospital,” Sanders added. He led the man to the road, where his girlfriend eventually arrived to pick him up—with some clothes for him to wear on the drive home.

A hunting story I am sure Sanders will be telling around the campfire for years to come.



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