Wyoming's wildlife is so beautiful and fun to watch.  But once in awhile, someone is able to catch a rare glimpse of something in nature that most of the rest of us would never see.  Even luckier is to catch that chance when the camera is rolling.

National Geographic posted this video of a bull moose near Laramie as it shook off one of it's antler sheds.

Most moose shed their antlers in the late fall and early winter.  Older moose will shed their antlers earlier, while younger moose can shed them as late as March.

Elk, Deer and Moose all shed their antlers each year and regrow them throughout the summer months.  The sheds can be big money for those who love the hunt of looking for antler sheds in the spring.

But be sure to know the regulations before you head out on the hunt for sheds! The Wyoming Game and Fish regulations prohibit the pursuit of antler sheds between January 1st and April 30th each calendar year (some areas have different dates, so check the WG&F regulations for your area). These date regulations are in effect on all public lands west of the continental divide in the cowboy state.  The regulations help keep humans from interfering with natural feeding and migration patterns of animals and helps to keep people from harassing animals in hopes of getting antlers to drop off earlier.

For more information on antler shed hunting and the regulations in Wyoming - Click here. 



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