How big is the Camp Fire in California? The 200 square mile blaze is nearly ten times the size of Cheyenne, according to a new map.

NBC compared the size of three California wildfires to the 1,000 most populated cities in the country. On Tuesday, they estimated the Camp Fire blaze to be 9.6 times the size of Cheyenne, which has 21 square miles of land.

To put that into perspective, if the fire began at the Cheyenne city limits, it would stretch south all the way to Wellington, Colo.

The Woolsey Fire in southern California has now grown to 156 square miles, roughly 7.4 times the size of Cheyenne. A smaller blaze in southern California, the Hill Fire, grew to 7 square miles this week, big enough to stretch from Interstate 80 north to the Cheyenne Regional Airport and from Interstate 25 east to Ridge Road.



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