Tis the season for sleeping under the stars. Nothing makes you have a better nights sleep than the thought of a bear dragging you out of your tent by your head. Living in the west, we know that bear encounters are common. But, bear attacks are still pretty rare. That rare occasion happened in Colorado recently, as a camp counselor was nearly eaten by a hungry bear.

Dylan, a wilderness survival teacher at a Christian Camp near Ward, CO, recently woke up to the sound of "crunching." Only to realize that the "crunching" was a bear biting down on his skull. The bear then drug Dylan out of his tent and about 10 feet, before others could scare the bear off. Dylan says that "When it was dragging me, that was the slowest part. It felt like it went forever,"

Dylan says he is no longer scared to sleep outside and is definitely not afraid of bears. Just be BEAR AWARE.

How would you react to a bear crunching on your skull?

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