I’ve seen beautiful pizzas, but this is the real eye-candy; Candy Corn Pizza. Colorful, but... blech!

Last week we showed you that Wyoming has the second most expensive pizza in the USA, second to North Dakota, comparing the median price of a large cheese pizza. Given its crucial role in the American diet and the approaching Halloween holiday, it’s time to figure out if this is sacrilege or tasty treat sending a shockwave through the twitterverse.


The new controversy is over candy corn pizza: Yea or Nay.


Since September 17, this Tweet was posted and it's received 15,000 retweets, 34,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments.


“How to ruin a perfectly good pizza. CANDY CORN?! Whoever did this .. you make me sick. What is wrong with you?!"


“Why is everybody geeking about candy corn pizza, what's wrong with your taste buds”


DiGiorno pizza got into the debate with

First, it was pineapple on pizza.

Then it was pizza in milk.

Then it was pizza and peeps.

Now it's candy corn on pizza.


If you think this was all just a joke, the user later Tweeted that he did, in fact, eat three slices, but became "slightly ill from all the sugar".

However, many have admitted to loving the idea of candy corn on pizza:


What say you? Opine in the comments!

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