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Sunday's Storm Damages Cheyenne Elementary School
The hail was so bad yesterday afternoon that it tore through the roof and ruined a few classrooms including Miss Leslie's. The school will take care of the roof, ceiling tiles and the outside damage of the hail. But the books need to be replaced now for grades 1-3.
UW Computer Cluster Doubles Capacity [Audio]
When UW Faculty members return to campus this fall, they will fins Mount Moran--a high performance computing cluster--has more than doubled it's capacity. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has approved Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s request to continue burning off natural gas from…
Drilling Boom in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin [AUDIO]
A drilling boom has made the Powder River Basin one of Wyoming's most productive areas for oil. Doug Randall Reports. Yellowstone National Park's visitation in July topped 812 thousand visitors, down from July of 2012. But Yellowstone officials say they changed the way they count visitors at the beg…

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