Another Epic Wyoming April Fool's Day Prank
Yesterday, we recounted the tale of sportscaster Dick Enberg's legendary Wyoming State Porcupines April Fool's Day prank in the late 70's. Here's another Cowboy State hoax that duped the national press.
In 2005, Afton author Maury Jones issued a fake news release about wolves…
Wyoming's Deadliest Cave
Just a few miles northeast of Lovell, Wyoming, lies one of the deadliest, and most historically significant caves in America.
Natural Trap Cave is a sinkhole at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. Just 12 feet wide at the top, its deceptive appearance has conquered many unsuspecting animals who f…
Green Bay Packer Meets Moose On Wyoming Vacation (Video)
Football fans know Eddie Lacy as a Pro Bowl running back for the Green Bay Packers. The former 2013 NFL Rookie of the Year had a surprise visitor during his recent Wyoming vacation.
This week, Lacy posted a video on his Facebook page depicting a moose roaming the streets of Jackson...
Party Animal
Here's proof that even the wildest party animals don't drink crappy beer. Last month in Washington, Fish and Wildlife agents discovered a bear passed out on the lawn of the Baker Lake Resort.
After a conducting a thorough count of empty beer cans in the area, they determined the black bear …

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