There's something nostalgic about a Mountain Dew. Whenever I see the neon green bottles at the grocery store, I'm transported back to high school, when Dew was the drink of choice for my friends on the JROTC Rifle Team. I swear, those boys alone emptied the Mountain Dew supply at East High School on a weekly basis.

You can only imagine my trip down memory lane when the press release announced Hard Mountain Dew launching in Wyoming.

You heard me right - boozy Mountain Dew has hit the shelves in Wyoming. Here's what you need to know:

Hard Mountain Dew Launches in Wyoming

1. Hard Mountain Dew is NOT the new Four Loko.

In 2010, Four Loko dropped caffeine from its product because mixing a stimulant (caffeine) and a depressant (alcohol) was obviously a bad idea. Harvard University officials called Four Loko "badness in a can," and the University's Health Services Department warned students against drinking the concoction because a "23.5-ounce can contains the equivalent of six standard servings of alcohol and five cups of coffee." After a slew of health concerns and students across the country ending up hospitalized, Four Loko dropped caffeine from its product.

Though Mountain Dew typically contains 91 mg of caffeine in 20 oz. bottle (and Mountain Dew AMP Energy drink has 142 mg in a 16 oz. can) Hard Mountain Dew contains no caffeine.

2. How HARD is Hard Mountain Dew?

A can of hard Mountain Dew is 5% alcohol - the same amount of alcohol as a White Claw or Mike's Hard Lemonade.

3. Does Hard Mountain Dew Taste Like Real Mountain Dew?

Yes, it does taste like Mountain Dew. Hard Mountain Dew has several flavors, including the popular Baja Blast flavor. Other flavors include Watermelon, Livewire (orange), Black Cherry, and original. Reviews of the product are promising:

"Hard Mountain Dew is the balm to heal our burned nation" – Christian D'Andrea, For the Win (USA Today)

"I drank Hard Mountain Dew and felt like I was staring at God" – Alex Perry, Mashable

4. How is Hard Mountain Dew Made?

The product is made in a process similar to beer fermentation. Because of this, it's not Gluten-Free.

5. Can Hard Mountain Dew Be Mistaken for Non-Alcoholic Mountain Dew?

The cans for Hard Mountain Dew look very different from alcohol-free products. The Hard Dew products come in black cans, each with an animal design on the side (for example, the original Mountain Dew flavor has an eagle.)

If the product stays in the can, it's not easy to mistake Hard Mountain Dew for non-alcoholic versions. However, if you plan on having the product at a family BBQ, keep an eye on your drink to prevent any underage kids from accidentally taking a sip.

6. Where is Hard Mountain Dew Sold?

You can buy Hard Mountain Dew at stores where alcohol is sold. The product website has a search function if you want to narrow down the stores in your corner of the state.

Find more info on the new beverage by visiting the Hard Mountain Dew website here.

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