Dang, you look good for 80!

The Albany in Downtown Cheyenne made a post on their social media accounts yesterday about their upcoming 80th birthday in Cheyenne. That's a pretty big accomplishment! We probably can't count many businesses that have been around in Cheyenne for 80 years. I mean, sure there probably are, but not that many. Remember, we've only been a state for 132 years. So, Wyoming was just a baby when The Albany opened their doors.

80 cent pints of beer and sodas!? That's a deal. I also like that the dinner feature is $19.42 to celebrate the year that The Albany originally opened. Just imagine how many different people have stopped by The Albany in all their years. Pretty wild to think about. While you're sitting back and enjoying a nice cold beverage or a great meal, or both, you just know that people have been in your spot for the past 80 years!

There isn't a hint at the food specials, but their food overall is can't miss, so I'm guessing that whatever their $19.42 food special is going to be, it's going to be awesome. Oooh, I hope it includes dessert. Now, I'm really hyping this up to myself. I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend, I can't have any FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) over what food they put on special for the celebration.

This is really cool and a great opportunity to celebrate, not only the anniversary of The Albany, but, it's also a great opportunity to celebrate Cheyenne history.

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