Now, I'm all about studies that have to do with my beloved craft beer. Especially here in Southeast Wyoming, we have so many great choices for craft beer, it really isn't fair to the rest of the country. So, when I see a study that has Wyoming in the top 10 of anything that has to do with craft beer, I get excited.

The web publication, Zippia dug in on the states that have the most breweries. While you won't be surprised to see that Colorado came in 4th, Wyoming made their way into the top 10 as well.

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They did the research on how many breweries serve people in the state, with Wyoming's smaller population and abundant amounts of breweries, we landed at number 6 on the list.

Sixth on this list is Wyoming. Sure, there are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy in Wyoming (take Yellowstone National Park for example), but those don’t compare to visiting a brewery in Wyoming. Ok, so maybe that’s a stretch, but still, 41 breweries in Wyoming is pretty significant. This means they definitely enjoy a brewery visit there.

The numbers show that we have 41 breweries in the state and there are around 14k people per brewery. That's a lot of beer to sling around!

Now, when you have that friend that lives in Colorado that doesn't want to come up for a brew, just let them know that Wyoming is right behind them in the beer bragging rights world.

What's your favorite Wyoming brewery?

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