Well, this is something that we all knew was a thing that the rest of the state may not have. Cheyenne has some of the best breweries in the state, and now, there's some hardware to prove it.

Several breweries competed Saturday in the annual Steinley Cup Festival in Saratoga, with bragging rights on the line. This was the beer festival's 25th anniversary, with the 2020 version of the event being cancelled last year.

The festival appeared to be a great time for craft beer lovers, but especially for two Cheyenne Breweries that competed in the event. Coming in second place for best porter, Freedom's Edge Brewing Company scored some bragging rights with their Midnight Ryeder Vanilla Rye Porter.

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Cheyenne has more bragging rights from another brewery in Accomplice Beer Company, as they brought home the gold the giant beer cup trophy? Yeah, trophy, as Accomplice placed 1st in the Steinley Cup for Best Porter for their Slumber Car American Porter.

I can also say from a personal experience perspective, these absolutely are two of the best porters in Wyoming. Maybe more than that. If you love a good porter anytime of the year, these two brews have some great merit. And now, they have some bragging rights on them.

On a semi related note, I'm really curious how Accomplice is going to place their giant trophy. Do you put that behind glass? Do you create a new display case for something of that size and caliber? I'm sure they wont have an issue with it. Congrats to both Accomplice and Freedom's Edge for showing Cheyenne is the best beer city in Wyoming.


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