Get ready to catch the merry bunch of cruisers in Downtown Cheyenne in what has felt like an awesome new tradition over the past couple of years after the Saturday night event started during the heart of Covid lockdowns in 2020. Now, fast forward and they've helped raise thousands of dollars for local non-profits across Cheyenne and Laramie County.

It's fun to drive through Downtown Cheyenne on a Saturday evening and see people dragging lawn chairs down the road, very cool cars going up and down Capitol and Central, and just the community aspect of it all. Especially back in 2020 and even early in 2021, this event helped us all feel normal during a not normal time.

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So, what's on tap for their kick-off this weekend? Well, if you're a fan of Girl Scout Cookies(who isn't?) you're in luck, as they're this week's local non-profit to kick off the Cruise Night season. I almost made around four Girl Scout Cookie puns, like, "you should bring the family to TAG ALONG for this event", but I held back. You just get that one. Otherwise, I'll have to see myself out. If that joke went over your head, Tag Alongs are cookies.

If you were looking for at least one event to check out Saturday night, this one is at least for a good cause. And, hey, it's not like you can stop by, get cookies and go on your merry way to whatever plans you already made for Saturday night. The fun kicks off Saturday at 6 pm.

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