Cheyenne driver license department is moving to a new location--that's easy to find because of the signs. 

In early January, we began researching where to get Wyoming license plates and new driver licenses for both of us. Janis and I were driving on College at I-25 and saw a sign that said DRIVER LICENSE with a straight ahead arrow. Well someone with the state jumped the gun. They must have known the old rest area and tourism information was going to be the new Cheyenne driver license office... but who knew they wouldn't move until nearly four months later?

We drove past Denny's and McDonald's thinking it was behind there, by all the truck stops. Not there and didn't think about going around the closed signs at 1520 Etchepare Circle (the arrow was taken down sometime after I saw it in January...).

This is where the office will open on April 14, 2014. Old office was 5300 Bishop Blvd. Now the sign is back and the new location rocks. Plenty of room for driver tests and parking at the old rest area.