I almost feel like this is one of the final pieces to having "normal" life in Cheyenne. Which, is the return of Edge Fest. The yearly summer concert, like most things in 2020 were cancelled and set to the side for the hope of returning in 2021. Fortunately, the 2021 return IS happening for Edge Fest. The best part, we get the full lineup in just over a week. There will be an announcement part for sponsors on July 20th, so put that in your calendar to look out for info.

The event itself is set to take place later this summer, August 28th. The show will be free to attend and take place, starting at 2pm at Civic Commons Park. The event itself will be packed, chock full of different vendors, food trucks and more.

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The last Edge Fest took place all the way back in 2019(do you remember that year, woof, so long ago). Grammy nominated artist, K Flay was the headliner for the show. She's gone on to make even more awesome music, most recently with Blink 182's Travis Barker(he's single handedly bringing back Pop Punk).

What artists are you looking forward to? Aside from the headliners, that we know are going to be awesome, there will be some local and regional flavor to hit the stage. At this point, I'm just ready for a great show. The folks involved with Edge Fest will make that happen, so I'm just ready for next Tuesday to find out who is going to be entertaining us in August.

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