Jon Puls has a warning for guys with beards, be careful when you fire up the grill this summer. The Frontier Facial Hair Club President learned a hard lesson when his beard went up in flames a few years ago.

"I lost about four inches off my beard," Puls said. "It just burned right off, and only on one side. I had to tilt to my head to the other side to make it look good."

It was a close call for the local artist and event organizer, whose beard has since grown back close to 12 inches.

"You gotta be careful when you're grilling with facial hair. That gas will build up and as soon as you pull up that lid, your beard is on fire."

Puls and the Frontier Facial Hair Club are hosting their 4th annual "Hair of the Dog" beard and mustache competition June 8th at the Cheyenne Depot Museum. The fundraiser will feature contests in 10 categories, including a "build your own beard" class for children and a "whiskerita" division for women. Proceeds from the event will benefit Dogs + Tags of Wyoming and Black Dog Animal Rescue.


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