Airbnb continues getting flack for outrageous cleaning fees, rules, and general weirdness by hosts on social media - for real, NerdWallet even wrote an article about navigating the fees. Airbnb owners can make a serious killing by selling out their properties to travelers.

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I mean, there are some other plus sides to leaving town for a week and letting tourists stay in your house. You get to avoid the crowds of CFD and make a whole lot of money in the process.

How much money, you may ask?

Apparently, you can make $1,500 in one night by leaving your Cheyenne home during Frontier Days and letting strangers take up residence. I may be in the wrong business.

I'm not kidding; a dozen homes on Airbnb are charging above $500 for a single night during the week of July 22 through July 30. NINE houses are charging above $800. And SIX homes are charging over $1,000 a night. One of the homes is sitting at a cool $2K a night. That's like...the cost of my monthly mortgage!

What does a $ 1,000-a-night home look like here in Cheyenne? Are guests staying at one of the fine homes in Bar X or Mustang Ridge?

Nope. Guests staying at these Cheyenne Airbnbs will kick back in some cozy, relatively average homes sprinkled throughout the city. Most of the insanely priced homes run along Pershing, Dell Range or reside in the Avenues - areas with relatively easy access to Frontier Park. If someone were to book one of these homes for the entire duration of CFD, they'd be looking at around $10,000 to $15,000. Is it worth it? 

As cozy as the homes are, that's a lot of money for a single night. Comparatively, you could stay at The Elizabeth (a 3-Star hotel in Fort Collins) for around $350 a night or the Ritz-Carlton (a 5-star hotel in Denver) for around $500 a night. Check out the photos - you be the judge!

What $1,000+ a Night Gets You at Cheyenne Airbnbs During Frontier Days.

Airbnb homes around Cheyenne are popping up with outrageous prices for travelers staying during the 2023 Cheyenne Frontier Days. Pros: Most of the rentals are at least 2 bedrooms, some are super close to Frontier Park, and all of them have decent kitchens and bathrooms. Cons: Most don't have Central A/C, and all of them are $1,000+ a night.



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