East High School Art Teacher, Dave Rowswell, will be on Jeopardy May 10th.

Dave will represent Wyoming in the annual teachers' tournament. He will compete against 14 other teachers from across the country. Mr. Rowswell and his family were flown to Burbank, California in April to film the whole tournament, which took two days.  The family stayed for an entire week to celebrate Daves accomplishment and birthday.

Dave loves Jeopardy and has been trying to get on the show for several decades.

“I’ve been a fan of the show since I was a little kid,” Dave told Wyoming Eagle Tribune. “I was just really impressed with the breadth of knowledge people had.”

In order to be a contestant, first, you have to answer some trivia questions online. Since the test isn't scored you don't know how well you did, you have to wait for a call from Jeopardy. After that, the contestant will have a face to face interview in New York and take another test.

After Dave found out he was selected the training process began. He said its more than just knowing general knowledge, there is strategy involved and your reflexes have to be quick.

Mr. Rowswell's best categories are art, music, history, geography, and pop culture.  His weakness is sports.

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