The sun may have risen over the capital city, but today's temperature won't. Winter storm Elliott swept over the city, blasting the entire state with snow and ice. Over the course of 24 hours, our city went from a brisk 40 degrees Fahrenheit to -22 degrees, not including windchill.

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Cheyenne is Colder Than Antarctica Today!

This morning, Cheyenne was an icy -51 degrees with wind chill. For reference, McMurdo Weather Station in Antarctica has registered a nice and toasty 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Is anyone else waiting for a penguin or the abominable snowman to skate by?

The temperature drop yesterday was so severe even The Weather Channel has concerns for Cheyenne. The channel shared a graphic on their Facebook page detailing our city's drastic temperature drop, along with their thoughts and prayers.

Is This the Coldest Cheyenne Weather in History?

According to, the coldest day on record for Cheyenne, Wyoming, was February 8, 1936, when the temperature dropped to -34 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the website doesn't specify if the windchill was factored into the record. The record also only goes back until 1915, so there's a chance Cheyenne's had colder days before that.

As for the coldest windchill on record, according to the NWS Cheyenne, that record happened in 1963 when Cheyenne plunged to -56 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long is the Cold Snap Supposed to Last?

Thankfully, this arctic blast should only last a few days. The NWS of Cheyenne reports that by Christmas Eve, Cheyenne should reach around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Christmas Day could reach almost 50 degrees! Talk about whiplash weather...

FYI, you'll still want to dress warmly tomorrow. Friday should see warmer temps, with projected highs near 8 degrees (windchill brings it to -35.) After today's high of only -4 (-45 with windchill), we'll take it!

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