A new, adorable force has taken over the Jeep communities of Wyoming. From Cheyenne to Sheridan, their smiling beaks beckon from countless windshields.

His name is Rubber Ducky. And yes, he is your friend.

At least, he is if you own a Jeep.

If you don't own a Jeep, chances are you've at least seen a Jeep parked with a rubber ducky or two (or twelve, who's counting?) chilling on the dashboard.

Have you ever wondered what the duck is up with all these quackers?

'Duck, Duck, Jeep' Explodes in Cheyenne! The Origins of Jeeping

The practice of “Ducking” or “Duck, Duck, Jeep” involves placing a small rubber duck on someone’s Jeep. It's a sign of appreciation and #SquadGoals for Jeep owners. According to Jeep enthusiasts and 'Duck, Duck, Jeep' participants at TNT Customs in Cheyenne, "This random act of kindness has spread to over thirty countries." No Jeep is off-limits! Got a brand spanking new Jeep Rubicon? Have a duck. A classic 1987 Comanche? Have a duck! A well-loved and equally well-driven 1999 Cherokee? Have a duck!!!

But how exactly did the craze even start?

According to TNT Customs, the phenomena began two years ago with the goodwill antics of Allison Parliament. During the height of COVID-19, Allison decided to visit Canada, where she had an angry encounter with a not-so-friendly Canadian. In a press release, TNT Custom retold Allison's story:

"[Allison] traveled from her home in Alabama to visit family and friends in Ontario. She was greeted with hostility and anger when she stopped to get gas in a small Canadian town. She was in her 2018 Jeep Wrangler when a man told her she was a dirty American spreading the virus and shoved her into her Jeep. She was afraid to continue, so she stopped at a friend’s home during her journey. Her friend tried to cheer her up with hidden rubber ducks in the house and encouraged her to forge ahead. As she continued her journey with her newfound duck friends, Allison decided to share her joy. She saw a Jeep Wrangler just like hers in a parking lot. She wanted to bring herself a small sense of joy after her frightening verbal and physical encounter earlier, so she perched one of her little yellow rubber ducks on the Jeep with a message. It was shared on social media and the random act exploded across the country."

Allison's kindness and goodwill inspired an entire movement! Today, 'Duck, Duck, Jeep' has spawned Facebook pages, from 'Duck, Duck, Jeep Australia' to 'Duck, Duck, Jeep Wyoming!' This summer, TNT Customs is kicking off a marketing campaign to "duck" random Jeeps in the Cheyenne community while spreading the word about this fun Jeep trend!

Duck, Duck, Jeep has turned into almost a collector's movement for many Jeep owners. Many owners proudly display their ducks on dashboards, and many get extremely excited when they receive unique ducks that go beyond the classic yellow duck theme. Check out some tweets and pics of 'Ducking Examples' below:

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