Now this is the recognition we deserve.

There's nothing quite like hard work, is there? It's tough, don't get me wrong, but when you close out hard day you want to brag about it. You feel accomplished and are proud of yourself. As someone who takes a lot of pride in the work she puts out and the effort she gives, I am so pleased to see Cheyenne getting some love on our work ethic.

Recently WalletHub put Cheyenne at number two on their list of the Hardest Working Cities in America.

The publication looked compared 116 cities across the nation and determined that we had some of the hardest workers out there. They looked at key factors like employment rates, average weekly work hours and even those who were juggling two jobs. All of these contribute to our work culture as a whole.

The only city that beat us out was Anchorage, Alaska. I can imagine it has something to do with the weather and having to do your job on the ice or in piles of snow. We have some of that, but not quite like they do. Rounding out the top five were Virginia Beach at number three, followed by Washington DC and Irving, Texas at numbers four and five.

I don't know about you, but that seems like a very diverse list. Each city brings unique jobs and climates to the table. There are also various industries that I believe are represented in those cities.

Anyway you slice it, I think we can add "hardest working American" to our Instagram bio.

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