Another day, another website has released a ranking of things in Wyoming. This time the site RoadSnacks has ranked the most dangerous cities in Wyoming.

They made their rankings by analyzing "...the FBI’s latest crime report for violent crime and property crime statistics for every place with over 2,000 residents. We discovered that while Wyoming is much safer than most of the USA in terms of violent crime, it does have a higher rate of property crime"

At the top of the list is Cheyenne, The Most Dangerous City in Wyoming. That makes sense, it is the most populous area in the state. With more people, you get more of everything. But hey, at least we can brag about being the 354th-most populous metropolitan area in the United States.

Property crime is the chief concern in the capital city. With larceny, car thefts and property crime above the national averages per 100,000 residents.

Here are the top five dangerous places from the RoadSnacks list:

  1. Cheyenne: "Residents here have a 1 in 25.1 chance of being the victim of a property crime, which is the second-highest in the state. Job growth is negative here, which isn’t a good sign."
  2. Thermopolis: "Thermopolis experienced a rise in violent crime between 2017-2018."
  3. Evansville: "Evansville isn’t the worst in state in terms of either violent or property crime statistics, but bad rankings in each earn it the title of the 3rd most dangerous city in the Equality State."
  4. Riverton: "Watch your wallet in Riverton, because there’s a 1 in 33.4 chance of being the victim of a property crime while you’re there."
  5. Rawlins: "Property crime rose between 2017-2018, leaving residents of Rawlins with a 1 in 51.5 chance of being the victim of theft or arson in 2018."

Source: RoadSnacks

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