Despite the notion that rolling coal is legal in Cheyenne, police say it's not and they will continue to ticket those who break the law.

The Cheyenne City Council voted earlier this month to ax a proposed ordinance that would have increased the fine for rolling coal, but the governing body's decision had nothing to do with legalizing the practice.

"We write under the state statute," said Officer Dan Long with the Cheyenne Police Department. "It seems that no one was actually using the city ordinance for it and I think that's why they were trying to bolster the city ordinance."

Long says officers issued 22 tickets for rolling coal in 2015, and have written six so far this year.

"If they're blowing smoke and it's causing an obstruction, safety issue, yeah we're still stopping and citing for that," said Long. "You can't do that. That's illegal."

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