3.0 seconds flat is the fastest anyone has ever wrestled a steer at the San Antonio Rodeo.  Cheyenne native Aaron Vosler has now tied that record.

The original arena record was set in 2014 by Timmy Sparing of Helena, Montana.  With tieing the record, Aaron won the event and $2,500 in cash.  Vosler will be back on Wednesday and Thursday as the favorite to win the semifinals with his 19-year-old gelding.

"It hasn't sunk in," Vosler said to The Fence Post. "I've never been that fast before. I just hope the momentum stays with me."

Aaron is a single man who grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and began steer wrestling when he was 14 years old.  He joined the PRCA in 2001 and has won over $150,000 in prizes.  As of 2017, Aaron was ranked 71st in the world.  When he isn't wrestling steers in 3.0 seconds, Aaron hauls hay.

If you would like to see Aaron perform, just find a rodeo in Wyoming or Colorado and I promise Aaron will be there.

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