Kathleen Veltkamp, a sophomore at East High School published her first novel last month.

The novel is called "12 Sided Dice," the story is about how perspective is our reality.  The novel may be fiction, but it has plenty of non-fiction elements.  It is set in the future, using different backgrounds and languages to take the readers through two versions so we can see both sides of the story.  The book starts off with an explosion that takes out a large area, killing thousands.  Throughout the book, the reader will go back and forth between the perspective of the person who made the explosion and the guilt behind the explosion and the devastation is caused.

Kathleen, at the age of nine, knew she was going to write a book.  Since nine-years-old, she has been writing down ideas and brainstorming about her book.  Last year she finally found the right characters and wrote the book.

Kathleen was asked what advice she would give to other young people with a story to tell, she told ShortGo “If you don’t think you have time, just write one word of your story every day. Then write an outline.  And most importantly, be flexible because it will probably change all the time as you are writing it.”

You can get a copy of "12 Sided Dice" today on Amazon Kindle or a hard copy.

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