With its rich history and tradition, there's no shortage of urban legends here in Cheyenne. This one might be the strangest story of them all.

Several years ago, Maxim Magazine published an article naming the notorious Cheyenne establishment Al's Green Door among the worst gentlemen's clubs in the country. Their article cited, among other oddities, an amputee dancer who once worked there.

According to many longtime patrons, there was once a Green Door dancer who was missing an arm. In recent years, the legend has taken on a life of its own, with some people claiming the dancer may have also been missing a leg.

We're fairly certain the dancer no longer works there and hasn't for years. Which is a shame, because in the YouTube generation, she could have been a star.

Still, several questions remain unanswered. Was there really an amputee dancer behind the Green Door? When did she work there and for how long? Was she missing an arm or a leg? The truth is out there. But sadly, we may never know the full story.